Do you find yourself busy all the time and yet find it difficult to complete tasks?

Do distractions drift you away from your main target?

Do you suffer from the two P’s of Procrastination and Perfectionism?

Do you often commit to more things than you can handle?

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If you are a Business Owner or an Entrepreneur then your business can grow to the extent that you grow yourself. You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure.   Your results are the product of either your personal focus or personal distraction, the choice is yours. You cannot achieve your target by aiming at the two distant extremes of Procrastination and Perfectionism because

“Well done is better than Well said.”

A lot of Entrepreneurs mistake Activity with  Achievementas they are continuously keeping themselves busy without  realising the importance of that work for their business growth. An Entrepreneurs life is full of Obligations and Commitments.In certain situations you need to 

Learn to say‘No’ so that you have more time to say ‘Yes’.

Lack of clarity could put brakes on any journey to success. So it is better to clear your path to get accelerated growth in business.

“The main thing in any business is to keep the main thing as the main thing.”

This provides more time and bandwidth to accomplish the Core tasks and not get muddled up in the areas that matter the least. Developing mastery in these areas will ensure Limited decision making thereby conserving one’s will-power and saving more energy for the next task.

Before Nirupama started her passion to Empower and Energize Entrepreneurs to raise their performance to get fast track results in business,  Nirupama had her own share of obstacles to overcome. During her student years, Nirupama was in a mad rush to write various competitive exams to get into Government sector jobs. Nirupama was a multi tasker who did not leave a single minute wasted. Working  incessantly without a clear direction made her fail miserably in the initial years of her preparation and caused a complete burnout. One day Nirupama sat down to think : Why isn’t she getting success in spite of working so hard?

There was a self-realization –

“Doing right things wasn’t just enough, Success required doing right things in the right direction at the right time with the right mindset.”


Realising this, Nirupama changed her approach and worked on her self each day to get  into the winning mindset. Her persistent action and constant learning made her a ‘Cop’ in the Security wing of Government of India. After spending 5 years with the Government, Nirupama realised that her passion was towards writing, creativity, entrepreneurship, empowering and energizing people through her impactful messages. Nirupama felt that her unusual combination of interest and skill was a strength and not a liability which was beyond her 9 to 5 job. Fast forward to a few short years, Nirupama is an Entrepreneur, a Talk Show Host,  Podcaster, Blogger, Performance Coach and a Keynote Speaker. Nirupama is an internationally certified Trainer and has got her learning from Master Trainers like T. Harv Eker, Blair Singer, Mac Attram, Robert Raymond Riopel and Alex Mandossian among others.